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Tumbly Match

Rolling Cubes to Match Colors

Tumbly Match is a mobile game developed by Tumbly Games H23 studio.


A unique puzzle game with a fresh take on traditional match 3 games. In Tumbly Match, you roll cubes to match colors instead of swapping them. There are multiple levels to progress through. Start with simply matching 3 cubes and progress to up to 7 at a time without matching a 3.

Tumbly Match is a fun and challenging game that is simple to play with hidden depths to discover.

Available now in the UK and Philippines on iOS. Coming soon for worldwide launch and Android too.

Get it from the Apple App store now



Key Features
  • Relaxing, tactile and compelling

  • Frustrating and satisfying

  • Unique twist on traditional match 3 games

  • Roll the cubes with your finger to match 3 of the same colour

  • Learn how to match 4, 5, 6 or more without matching a 3. (We thought about renaming the game “Don’t match 3!")

  • 25 stages of 16 devious themed puzzles. Massive game.

  • Can you reach the final stage?

  • Can you complete the final stage?

  • Can you complete all 400 levels?

  • Score increases with each optimum move

  • Can you win Bronze Silver or Gold awards along your journey

  • 3D Zoom out for each level introduction

  • Unlimited tries

  • Unique route unlock feature for stage and level select screen

  • No route blocks - simply go round another way

Cryptic Features
  • Great for improving the logic side of the brain. Even educational, it has been said!

  • ​Extra game mechanics built in..

  • Out stare Medusa mode where the cubes turn to rock instead of disappearing

  • All stars. Match the colour cubes with the stars on top. 3D thinking at its most mind bending

  • Limit - some games are move limited and many more are freeform​

  • What happens on the PITA stage? Only the best will find out

  • Unique code on the last stage - Maybe a prize for the first to tell us the 4 character code?

  • Who remembers Incentive Software? James maybe ;)

  • Not random - A puzzle is a puzzle. Once mastered you own it. It wont change.



Game Screens

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